Clontz Newkirk professionals have been providing valuation and consulting services since 1992 and is headed by Haywood Newkirk, MAI. Since that time firm members have completed more than 4,000 commercial appraisals at a market value of $4+ billion for virtually every property type across the United States and Europe. With our staff of commercial appraisers, Clontz Newkirk can simultaneously handle large, diverse assignments across several states.

Past engagements include institutional valuations for clients such as Emory University, the North Carolina State Ports Authority and Duke Energy Progress. Hospitality valuations have been performed for clients such as Trump Properties and Hyatt Hotels. Litigation support valuations have been provided for large private trusts, legal firms, government organizations and utility companies such as the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the South Carolina Department of Transportation, Piedmont Natural Gas and the United States Department of Justice. Valuations have been performed in dense urban settings such as the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta and the Carolina Panthers Stadium Site in Charlotte, as well as rural settings such as restricted government sites in the Nevada desert. Large regional assignments have also been completed for marina portfolios from Maryland to South Florida, drug store portfolios across multiple states, and large diverse portfolios resulting from bank mergers. Clients trust the skill and objectivity of Clontz Newkirk’s appraisers, and they know their assignment will be completed on time with the utmost integrity.

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