District One

Southwest Florida

With a land area of nearly 12,000 square miles, District One represents 12 counties in Southwestern Florida. Its 2.7 million residents contribute to the 42 million miles traveled daily on its state highways. District One provides capital grant funds to 21 public airports, including three international airports. In addition, there are 121 registered private aviation facilities in the District.

*Information Courtesty of http://www.fdot.gov*

District 7

West Central Florida

District Seven, with a land area of nearly 3,332 square miles, represents five counties with 2.9 million residents in the Tampa Bay area. Drivers in the district travel more than 33.6 million miles daily.

FDOT provides capital and operating assistance to three major transit authorities in the district. Forty-two airports, two deep-water ports and one major rail line also operate in the Bay area.

*Information Courtesty of http://www.fdot.gov*

Florida Turnpike

With 483 miles of beautifully maintained safe toll highways, Florida’s Turnpike system includes the Mainline from Miami to Central Florida, as well as the Homestead Extension, the Sawgrass Expressway, the Seminole Expressway, the Beachline Expressway, the Southern Connector Extension of the Central Florida GreeneWay, Veterans Expressway, the Suncoast Parkway, the Polk Parkway, the Western Beltway and the I-4 Connector. On average, 1.8 million motorists use Florida’s Turnpike each day. Our firm just completed its first Florida Turnpike Project on the Polk County Parkway.

*Information Courtesty of http://www.fdot.gov*